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July 2023 Camp Lejeune Visit

A few days ago, Attorney James Foster (co-counsel with Fob James) and team took a trip to Camp Lejeune to get a firsthand look at the places where countless Marines and their families were exposed to toxic water over a decades-long period. As a North Carolina native, James had visited the area before, but the scope and gravity of...

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Explained: Camp Lejeune Toxic Water

The entire Country is being flooded with TV and radio ads about Camp Lejeune lawsuits, yet little substantive information is being shared. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on.  Camp Lejeune is a large military training base located off the East Coast in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Between 1953 and 1987, an estimated 1 million veterans, their families, and civilian...

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Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Claims

The Camp Lejeune toxic water contamination is an unprecedented act of betrayal by the U.S. government.   Take a look at this note from William Neal (Chief of Laboratory Services for the U.S. Army) to military officials.  Neal also warned “WATER IS HIGHLY CONTAMINATED” and “YOU NEED TO ANALYZE FOR CHLORINATED ORGANICS.”  Yet, for years, nothing was done.  The...

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