Though broken bones and scars can be devastating, head trauma can be life-changing in ways that no one should have to experience. If you or someone you love has experienced head trauma due to the negligence of another person, you should consider seeking legal counsel from an Atlanta or Mobile brain injury lawyer. 

A traumatic brain injury (TBI), or head injury, is any kind of internal or external physical impact to the head that wounds the skull or brain. The International Brain Injury Association provides a series of staggering facts regarding the prevalence and severity of brain injuries. 

  • Of all types of injury, those to the brain are among the most likely to result in death or permanent disability;
  • Brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide;
  • An estimated 5.3 million Americans are living today with disabilities related to a traumatic brain injury; and
  • Traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of seizure disorders.

Brain injuries are not uncommon, but they can be complicated from a legal perspective. 


Vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries. Hard, unexpected impact from a collision causes the head to snap in directions that the neck is unprepared to support. Impact on the inside of the vehicle can cause varying degrees of damage depending on the angle and speed of the vehicle. 

Falls are another common cause of traumatic brain injury. Depending on the severity of the actual fall, symptoms may fly under the radar. From a legal perspective, it is important to consider TBI anytime a slip and fall incident occurs due to unsafe conditions such as soda on a convenience store floor or unmaintained walkways. 

Brain injuries also occur during sports. They are especially prevalent in contact sports such as football or boxing but may also occur in virtually any athletic competition or training. Soccer, skiing, basketball, wrestling, judo, cheerleading, baseball, and other sports all have risks for brain injuries. 

Gunshots or penetration of the skull with an object is likely to cause a brain injury and is certainly a head injury. These types of penetration injuries may be purposeful or accidental.


Most brain injuries fall under the legal umbrella of personal injury. This is almost always true for vehicle accidents. In the case of slip and fall cases, this could be a case of premise liability. Depending on the circumstance, sports-related brain injuries may be recoverable if there was negligence on the part of the supervisor, league, or organization that was supposed to ensure the reasonable safety of the athletes.  

Proving the cause of the injury can prove complicated if there was a delayed onset of symptoms. It is important to have an Atlanta or Mobile brain injury attorney who is experienced with these types of cases and understands how to conduct an independent investigation and gather relevant evidence. 

An Atlanta or Mobile brain injury lawyer will negotiate on your behalf and litigate if necessary to get you the compensation you deserve. Remedies may include both economic and non-economic recovery. 

When you suffer a head or brain injury, the experienced attorneys at Foster Law LLC, are here to fight for you and get the compensation you need to get you through this difficult time. To learn how our Atlanta or Mobile brain injury lawyers can help you, contact us today.